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Almond Orange CakeAlmond Orange Cake
Almond Orange Cake Sale price$20.00
Baba au RhumBaba au Rhum
Baba au Rhum Sale price$5.00
Brownies PralineBrownies Praline
Brownies Praline Sale price$5.00
Chocolate Bomb Praline 8PChocolate Bomb Praline 8P
Chocolate Bomb Praline 8P Sale price$50.00
Chocolate buche 12-15 PersonsChocolate buche 12-15 Persons
Chocolate buche 8-10 PersonsChocolate buche 8-10 Persons
Chocolate Chip Cookies With Oat
Chocolate Eclair
Chocolate Eclair Sale price$4.00
Chocolate SableChocolate Sable
Chocolate Sable Sale price$10.00
Chocolate TartChocolate Tart
Chocolate Tart Sale price$4.00
Christmas cake
Christmas cake Sale price$22.00
Concorde au chocolat
Concorde au chocolat Sale price$5.00
Concorde au chocolat 8PConcorde au chocolat 8P
Concorde au chocolat 8P Sale price$50.00
Croissant de Lune
Croissant de Lune Sale price$10.00
Flourless Almond Cake 8 P
Flourless Almond Cake 8 P Sale price$40.00
Flourless Chocolate Cake-Light 7 PFlourless Chocolate Cake-Light 7 P
Flourless Moelleux Au Chocolat 10 PFlourless Moelleux Au Chocolat 10 P
Flourless Walnut Cake 8 P
Flourless Walnut Cake 8 P Sale price$40.00
Fondant Pistachio 8 PFondant Pistachio 8 P
Fondant Pistachio 8 P Sale price$50.00
Fraisier Sale price$4.00
Ginger bread  cookiesGinger bread  cookies
Ginger bread cookies Sale price$11.00
Gluten Free Chocolate Buche 12-15- PersonsGluten Free Chocolate Buche 12-15- Persons
Gluten Free Chocolate Buche 8-10- PersonsGluten Free Chocolate Buche 8-10- Persons
Lemon English Cake with Poppy Seeds