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Gluten Free Chocolate Buche 12-15- PersonsGluten Free Chocolate Buche 12-15- Persons
Gluten Free Chocolate Buche 8-10- PersonsGluten Free Chocolate Buche 8-10- Persons
Lemon English Cake with Poppy Seeds
Marble Cake
Marble Cake Sale price$16.00
Matcha  Raspberry CakeMatcha  Raspberry Cake
Matcha Raspberry Cake Sale price$20.00
Mille feuille
Mille feuille Sale price$5.00
Mille feuille 10 P
Mille feuille 10 P Sale price$55.00
Montebello Sale price$6.00
Montebello Cake 10 P
Montebello Cake 10 P Sale price$55.00
Pain Brioche A La Cannelle
Pain Brioche Au Chocolate
Pain Brioche Au Chocolate Sale price$14.00
Pain Brioche Parisienne
Pain Brioche Parisienne Sale price$10.00
Palet Nantais
Palet Nantais Sale price$11.00
Paris-Brest Sale price$5.00
Pave Au Chocolat
Pave Au Chocolat Sale price$6.00
Pave Au Chocolat 10 P
Pave Au Chocolat 10 P Sale price$60.00
Peanut Butter Cookies
Peanut Butter Cookies Sale price$4.00
Raspberry With Chocolate Buche 12-15 PersonsRaspberry With Chocolate Buche 12-15 Persons
Raspberry With Chocolate Buche 8-10 PersonsRaspberry With Chocolate Buche 8-10 Persons
Red Fruits TartRed Fruits Tart
Red Fruits Tart Sale price$0.00
Religieuse Pistacchio
Religieuse Pistacchio Sale price$5.00
Religieuse Raspberry
Religieuse Raspberry Sale price$5.00
Rose & Cardamon
Rose & Cardamon Sale price$11.00
Saint Honore
Saint Honore Sale price$6.00